Thesis Submission

Thesis submission

Prior to submitting your thesis please read the Macquarie University HDR Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination Policy.  You should also be familiar with the HDR Guide.

Nomination of examiners

Start considering possible examiners for your thesis approximately 6 months prior to your planned submission date.  At least 5 examiners must be nominated of which 3 will be appointed as examiners and 1 as reserve examiner.

A ‘nomination of examiners’ form is to be submitted to the MGSM Research Office prior to submitting your thesis.  The MGSM Research Office will submit the form to the Higher Degree Research Committee for approval.

Fee paying students must note that you are required to continue paying fees until your status is changed to ‘under examination’.  The status cannot be changed until your examiners have been approved by the committee and your thesis and all paper work has been submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office.

Who can be an examiner

  • Examiners must be national and/or international experts in the HDR thesis field; with academic appointments in the field of research; with relevant high quality research publications; and whose assessment will be respected nationally and internationally;
  • Examiners are to have had no role in the supervision or preparation of the thesis;
  • One examiner is to be international (to guarantee conformity to the international standard of Macquarie’s HDR program) and one based in Australia (to guarantee conformity to national standard and style);
  • At least two examiners of a PhD and one of a Masters must have HDR thesis examination experience;
  • Examiners cannot have been fulltime, part-time or casual employees of Macquarie University in the last 5 years;
  • Examiners cannot have graduated with a Macquarie University PhD within the last 10 years;
  • Examiners cannot have been HDR students under the supervision of the supervisor, either at Macquarie University or elsewhere;
  • Examiners cannot have co-published or co-edited or conducted any research with the candidate;
  • Examiners cannot have co-published or co-edited with any of your supervisors within the last 5 years.

Formatting your thesis

Information and guidelines on how to format your thesis can be found on the Higher Degree Research Office website.

Submitting your thesis

Information on how to submit your thesis for examination can be found on the Higher Degree Research Office website.

Your thesis (in PDF format), a completed ‘Submission of an HDR Thesis for Examination Form’ and a completed ‘Author’s Consent Form’ should be submitted to the MGSM Research Office.  The MGSM Research Office will arrange to have 4 copies of your thesis soft bound and will submit them along with the submission forms to the Higher Degree Research Office on your behalf.

Thesis examination process

Information about the examination process can be found on the Higher Degree Research Office website.

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