MGSM has a responsibility to ensure that HDR candidates and supervisors are aware of their respective responsibilities from the time of enrolment through to the end of a candidate’s candidacy.

The key document governing the relationship between HDR candidates and their supervisors is the Code for Responsible Conduct of Research. The Code lists the types of supervisory appointments and outlines eligibility for such appointments.

In addition, a series of policies have been developed for candidates and supervisors, which specifies those responsibilities and outlines MGSM’s requirements for higher degree research practice. Links will be provided to most of these in the coming month.

The MGSM Supervisory Practice Policy Describes the responsibilities of the MGSM, HDR candidates and faculty in the supervision of higher degree research (HDR) candidates.

The MGSM Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities Guideline provides additional information (complementing the Supervisor Appointment Policy) on the expected roles and responsibilities of supervisors of Higher Degree Research Candidates.

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