Candidate Induction

Central commencement program

The Macquarie University Central Commencement program is a compulsory program for all new HDR candidates.  The program is normally run during February and July each year.  Candidates have the option of attending a 1 day presentation or completing the program online.

The program provides information about:

  • Higher Degree Research and Progression
  • University Higher Degree Research Services and Resources
  • Support, Intellectual Property, Ethics, Preparing a Research Thesis and the Examination Process

Divisional commencement program

The Divisional Commencement Program is a compulsory program that provides advice on managing a research project.  The MGSM Research Office will contact you if you are required to attend the program.  The MGSM Divisional Commencement Program is normally held during March of each year for candidates admitted to one of our research programs within the past 12 months.

The program prepares candidates for higher degree research by:

  • examining the context in which postgraduate research is conducted
  • examining the methodologies appropriate to research, especially research that might cross disciplinary boundaries
  • clarifying expectations of the university, supervisors and examiners enabling candidates to focus their research and advance their project
  • enabling students to prepare a research proposal on an acceptable research topic that can be executed within the normal period of candidature

Candidate induction

As a part of the induction, the MGSM Research Office have developed a Candidate Induction Survey which must be completed by the candidate.

Through this survey, the MGSM Research Office hope's to identify and address any areas for which the candidate may require more information. In this way, The MGSM Research Office can ensure that candidates have the best research experience possible during their time in the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Program at MGSM. There is also an opportunity for the candidate to provide the MGSM Research Office with feedback on the Induction Process.

Candidates are required to take the Candidate Induction Survey when they have completed the Induction Process.

Orientation for international students

Orientation programs provide students with valuable information about settling in Australia. Orientation aims to provide a smooth transition for international students locating to a new culture and physical environment.

Please visit the Macquarie University Orientation Page for more information on upcoming sessions.

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