Management consulting and research

Living Case Studies

  • Real business issues 
  • Examined in real time
  • By MBA students with real professional and management experience
  • Delivering real results to organisations

This unit is designed to introduce students to the management consulting sector and to familiarise them with the practice and processes of management consulting. Students will work in Syndicate groups / teams and undertake a consulting assignment for a client in the form of a "Living Case Study" that all groups will address. Groups must work independently of each other. Both the output and the dynamics of the client/consultant relationship are explored through the assignment.

How to get involved in a Living Case Study

The Living Case Study takes place approximately once a year. You will receive an email from Student Services and will be invited to apply. It is a competitive program, so places cannot be guaranteed. See more information and the unit guide for MGSM953 Management Consulting and Research.

Past Living Case Studies

Sydney Opera House
 Australian Security Exchange
 Pfizer Oncology
 BT Global Services
Siemens Healthcare
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