If you anticipate finishing your award program in the current term, please log into eStudent and go to Enrolment.  Your current program will have a status of Potentially Complete if you are enrolled in your final units this term.

NOTE: This status will appear at the end of the current term and will remain until after your results have been ratified.

If you anticipate that you have successfully completed your award program in a previous term (and have not graduated), please log into eStudent and go to Results, Check for graduation.  This screen will show you the details of your upcoming graduation ceremony.

Please note that if you are receiving a Graduate Certificate level award, you won't receive an invitation to the graduation ceremony and Macquarie University will post your graduation documents after the allocated graduation round.

Graduations ceremonies are allocated as per the below schedule for Macquarie Business School (MGSM) graduands.

Completing your program in Term 1 or 2*
Date:September of the same year
Venue:Macquarie University
Completing your program in Term 3 or 4*
Date:April of the following year
Venue:Macquarie University

* The above information is subject to meeting the requirements of the Senate according to the Macquarie University calendar.

For more detailed information, please refer to the university's graduation website.

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