Full-time New Enrolment Checklist International

Full-time New Enrolment Checklist International

As a new student, it might seem like there is a lot to do to get started. We’ve compiled this handy checklist to take you through all the things to remember when you first enrol in your program at MGSM.

1. Login to eStudent

Login to eStudent to get started.

Username: 8 digit student ID
Password: initial password is the date of birth (ddmmyyyy format)

For eStudent password assistance please contact:

2. Update your details in eStudent

Make sure your details are up to date in eStudent by selecting My Details.

Always keep the following details current:

  • Address details, noting the format for the Business Address:
    • Address Line 1 - Organisation Name
    • Address Line 2 - Position
    • Address Line 3 - Industry
  • Phone details (an Australian phone number is required)
  • Email details, noting:
    • You can view, but not change, your Macquarie University (MQ) email address.
    • The email you used for your application may be used by MGSM as your alternate email address so please keep this updated.
  • Other contact details
  • Cultural details
  • Disability & health details

eStudent does not allow online updates to personal details, citizenship and residency details. To update this information please send an email to Student Services.

3. Plan your enrolment

Take the time to read the program structure and study plan and timetable before you enrol in your classes.

Keep in mind things like:

  • pre-requisites
  • class clashes
  • block classes (these are weekend classes taught over five (5) full days, the specific dates for these classes are listed on the timetable).

4. Enrol in your classes via eStudent

To enrol in your classes, click on the Enrolment menu option.  If you need to change or withdraw from an enrolled unit, use the WITHDRAW from Units menu option.

You can manage changes to your enrolment through eStudent until the last enrolment and withdrawal dates.

It is important that you print your Enrolment Advice (Current Enrolment menu option) to check that your enrolments, withdrawals and class registrations have been successful. Keep this printout for your reference as this is your official confirmation of enrolment.

PLEASE NOTE: You are automatically enrolled in some of your core units for 2019.

5. Fees

Refer to the Official Letter of Offer issued by the Macquarie International Office for tuition fee rates relating to your full-time program.

Fee increases: MGSM tuition fee rates are reviewed each calendar year.

You can view your amount payable through eStudent immediately after enrolling into units under Finances > Outstanding Debt.

To receive an email of your statement of outstanding charges, select the Email my Statement of Outstanding Charges for the last 180 days link.

Please note we don’t email you invoices for tuition fees. It is your responsibility to check any outstanding amount owing to the University.

Read the ways you can pay your fees.

6. Attend the Orientation Day

It is highly recommended you attend Orientation Day before the term commencement. It is a chance to meet fellow students, academics and staff, receive important information about your program, meet representatives from student associations and plan your learning journey.

Please refer to the Orientation Day website for further information about Orientation Day, the agenda and links to the various systems and facilities. Please note the Orientation Day website may show information for the closest upcoming term, however if you are commencing in a later term, you will receive information via email as early as possible.

7. Set up your Macquarie University (MQ) email account

You will be provided with an official Macquarie University email account approximately 48 hours after enrolment. Please contact the University IT Help desk via email at help@mq.edu.au or phone +61 2 9850 4357 if this does not happen.

The general format for the MQ email is Firstname.Lastname@students.mq.edu.au. To see the MQ email generated for you, log into eStudent and go to My Details > Contact Details.

Access to your MQ email is through Gmail. Your username is your MQ email address and your password is your OneID Password.

Your MQ email address cannot be changed, but it can be redirected to a private email account. To redirect your email, log into your account and change the settings.

It is an MGSM and Macquarie University policy that the MQ email account be used for all official University communication. You will also receive important information from MGSM Student Services, notification about your class materials, and you may be contacted by your lecturers and classmates via this MQ email. You must regularly check this account to ensure that you do not miss any correspondence.

8. Submit a digital photo for your campus card and class lists

You need to provide us with a digital photo for use on your campus card and class lists. The campus card is your University ID and identification as an MGSM student.

The campus card gives you access to the library, printing (iPrint) and photocopying services and access to university buildings and the MGSM carpark. You will need your Campus Card for exams.

Campus cards will only be issued to students who are enrolled in units.

There are two ways to get your campus card:

  1. Upload your own photo using CaptureMe.
    You will have the option to collect it from the MGSM North Ryde or City campus. You will be notified by email when your card is available for collection.
  2. Visit Student Connect at Macquarie University (Level 2, MUSE building C7A) to have your photo taken onsite. Your card will be issued on the spot.

**Whichever way you choose to submit your photo, you will be required to show a Passport or an Australian Driver’s Licence as identification when collecting your card.

The images you provide will be stored on the University's secure server, and will only be accessed, used and disclosed in accordance with the University's privacy compliance framework.

9. Check unit guides and announcements

The unit guides and MGSM iLearn are your resources for information specific to each of your enrolled classes. Check these regularly so you do not miss information relevant to your studies.

Class materials and announcements for each of your enrolled units are available via MGSM iLearn. To log into MGSM iLearn, use your OneID.

10. Complete the MGSM new student survey

In the coming weeks, you will receive an email to complete a brief enrolment survey.

Your anonymous feedback will assist us in:

  • determining actions required to improve our service
  • promoting and raising the profile of MGSM students and the outcomes they have achieved while studying at MGSM
  • participating in and maintaining our rankings in annual MBA surveys such as the Economist Intelligence Unit's Which MBA?, the AFR Boss MBA Survey, etc.
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