Exchange and study tours

Complete some of your study overseas as part of a student exchange or study tour.

The Exchange Program allows students to undertake a period of study at one of our international exchange partner schools.  This program enables students to combine study and travel, immerse themselves in a new culture and build an international network.

Study Tours allow students to gain first-hand insight into leading organisations and their business practices, expand networks and begin building relationships with executives from major international organisations. Participants from diverse backgrounds contribute to the self-directed, deeper level learning approach offered by the tour.  In addition to the overseas component, participants undertake intensive preparation by researching each organisation to be visited in order to maximise the benefits of the tour and exchange views openly with senior executives from host companies.

...I cannot recommend this highly enough. You are in for an invaluable experience that will remain the highlight of your studies at Macquarie Business School (MGSM)...

Shaun Morgan
Manager,  Business Development Unit & Fairfax 360 Creative Media Solutions, Fairfax Media.

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