Why reference?


  1. acknowledges the intellectual contribution and ideas of others;
  2. allows others to follow up on your research work at a later date;
  3. demonstrates your reading of credible sources, research and mastery of the topic;
  4. protects you from claims of plagiarism and insufficient or weak research/evidence.

Referencing Styles

The referencing styles used at MGSM are Harvard and APA (American Psychological Association). For each unit, please use the style specified in the unit guide by the lecturer.

Referencing Tools


Endnote is Macquarie University's recommended citation and bibliographic referencing software and is a useful tool for tracking and documenting sources for assignments.

See Library Guides:

Google Scholar

Some features in Google Scholar include:

  • Save sources in one locatio
  • Organise sources according to labels e.g. by unit or subject area
  • Copy reference to clipboard (APA or other style) using the cite button
  • Set up alerts for new literature based on specific search terms

Microsoft Word

Test your knowledge of APA style in-text citation

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