Writing skills

Writing skills

Applied academic writing

Writing at the postgraduate level should be applied and academic demonstrating analytical, persuasive and critical thinking. Further, MGSM student writing such as essays, reports, case analyses should be based on frameworks and theories as applied to real business cases and scenarios. The following video is a 16 minute summary of the Applied Academic Writing workshop held at the beginning of every term. The workshop provides students with an Academic's perspective on marking written work and a framework outlined what postgraduate level academic writing should look and sound like.


Applied academic writing is:

  • Objective and professional 
  • Evidence-based
  • Logical and structured
  • Applied and action-oriented


0:00 Applied academic writing - overview/definition
0:43 The Marker's perspective
1:22 First impressions: What is the marker looking for? Primacy Effect
1:55 Know your audience (marker)
2:19 Final impressions
2:33 Good writing is good communication

2:55 Objective and professional writing (Am I answering the question?)
3: 58 Avoid casual and emotive language
4:23 Sentence structure: Active voice vs passive voice
5:18 Using first person

6:54 Evidence-based writing
6:54 How is evidence presented in writing? "Researchers have argued…"
7:17 Earning the right to have an opinion

8:55 Logical and structured writing
8:55 Set the scene
9:38 Signposting
10:22 Avoid using 'This' and 'It at sentence beginnings

11.08 Action-oriented
11.08 Use examples

11:45 Postgraduate level expectations
11:45 Describe vs analyse
12:18 Analytical writing
13.04 Persuasive writing
13.53 Critical writing
14:35 Case Analysis
14:57 Common error: overly descriptive writing
15:38 Example of analytical writing

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