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Unit guide for:  MGSM950 REPORT MGSM952 PROJECT

As part of your MBA or Master of Management program, MGSM offers 4-credit point and 8-credit point Research Units which give you some experience of researching in-depth on a specific topic.

Frequently asked questions about Research Units:

What is the difference between report and project?

MGSM950/1 Report is worth 4 credit points and is equivalent to 1 unit. You are required to submit a written piece of about 10,000 words at the end of 1 term. MGSM952 Project is worth 8 credit points and is equivalent to 2 units. You are required to submit a written piece of about 20,000 words at the end of 2 terms.

Why do a report or project?

There are a number of reasons to undertake one of these units. Some of these may be:

  • I have a problem I want to find out more about
  • I am interested in a particular area and want to find out more
  • Units I want to do are not offered this term

How do I enrol?

  1. You print the Unit Guide and choose a supervisor.
  2. Together with the supervisor you complete the authorisation form and submit it, along with a research proposal of what you intend to research, to the MGSM Student Services. This process needs to be completed by week 2 of the term.
  3. The Program Director reviews the paperwork and approves the authorisation form.
  4. The MGSM Student Services formally enrols you in the unit and will send an email to your student email address advising you of this.
  5. Your fees will be due on the normal due date for that term or within 24 hours if you are enrolled on or after the due date for that term.

How do I choose a supervisor?

You probably have an idea of the topic you want to investigate. It is probably a good idea to approach the lecturer you had in that area - i.e. a topic in the marketing area means you could approach the lecturer you had for Marketing Management. Alternatively you could look at the research interests of MGSM faculty.

Academics are very busy people and it is not advisable to approach one without having thought about a topic. Faculty will not be able to provide you with a topic.

Writing the report or project

Guidelines for the writing of a report can be found in Section 3.1.2: Project Reports of the Student Handbook.

Please note that a second copy of the Report or Project needs to be submitted to the MGSM Student Services office at the same time as submission to the supervisor.

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